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 About Us_ 

Managed by Amish M. Patel

[ Founder & Managing Principal ]


Amish M. Patel, born American from an Indian immigrant conservative farming family, his father to be one of the first of his small village to obtain a Masters in Engineering. His father, a source of his inspiration, through his own successful career starting from the 60's worked on planning and plans for iconic public structures and transportation in NYC as well as projects across America's airports, highways, bridges, including space program projects and essential power plants prior to retiring as a simple small business owner. Amish Patel started his career with a similar American goal however, with software and a passion in consulting to America's fortune 500 companies, schools/universities and the public sector's workforce by helping thousands of users learn, enable, adapt to and incorporate new technology within their lives to create business value while improving their own personal lives through on the job performance. His implementations have supported a goal of keeping America globally competitive and working with the best possible solutions available. He has over 2 decades of business and consulting management experience. He has helped formed new practices and transformed operations for many companies. Amish has held Senior positions in Enterprise Software Solutions, such as SAP America (SAP ®), recognized as one of the largest revolutionary global software companies in existence today. Over his career, he has lead many large scale multi-million dollar implementations of Enterprise Software for many top organizations, and global companies. Although, much of Amish’s industry career is Information Technology (IT) related, he has also managed complex corporate relationships across , held positions in leadership and sales dealing with emerging software products & services incubating new unique ideas and business development. He currently is married to a Therapist and Medical Professional with 2 very young loving daughters while supporting his passionate ventures and supports operational businesses, ranging from management, holdings, including Real Estate (RE) investment and development. 

L3ARN transforms companies of any size, industry, technology, and level of complexity. We specialize in flexibility with a deep expertise in application strategy. Our consulting approach and staffing process ensures that L3ARN obtains talented, role-matched professionals to scale its operations. Our ongoing resource relationships and managed solutions deliver best practices in a competitive market and new businesses.

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