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Busin3ss "Re·de·fined" /rēdəˈfīn/ed.
is 1deation. L3arning. Techn0logy.  

& Application5. 4 the Generation, U! 

In the middle of all industry markets are...



L3ARN (pronounced “learn”), with over a decade of enterprise software user experience launches in Fortune 500 industries, has consistently used a fresh entrepreneurial approach to redefining applications resulting in business is "Anytime, Anywhere, and in Everything". We believe in the strength that user experience and learning is at the core of our very own lives. L3ARN LLC is continuously reinventing change in business integration and investing in state of the art technology, ideation and businesses with exciting new markets in mind for the social generation of "You".






[ Information ]


Information about information, capturing and learning from data and user experiences, is now what business really is about.

[ Business Systems ]


All business experiences are in processes that will be part of a system platform. Search, automation and learning from within that process is the future of business systems.

[ Transactions ]


Every actionable event in business results in an experience. Our goal is to learn the interaction, streamline each and every step, making it simple, fast, and transparent or the user.

Customer’s choice to minimize this key component was always a concern and I am glad to learn of mitigation effected with an expert leader in this field, L3ARN. Many thanks to L3ARN again for leading this very important facet of project success!!! 
- Director, Business Development , SAP SI 

We are using uPerform to document the testing process…the entire process for the first time.  L3ARN contributed to that process development and trained the functional team.  
- SAP Training Manager, SAP Public Sector

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